SMTP Set up requirements

When you send system emails from MagManager (confirmations, invoices & mailshots etc ) they are sent via the MagManager mail servers and they will appear in your client's email as:
'Your Company Ltd via MagManager' with the reply email as or

If you would prefer to have your emails routed through your own SMTP Mail Server see below:


NOTE SMTP does not support 2 Factor Authentication on Outlook email accounts - this setting needs to be switched off in order to send emails via MagManager.

Route emails through your own SMTP Mail Server

You can have the emails routed through your own SMTP mail server, but it's not recommended, as it can cause some problems, like a higher number of emails being marked as spam, especially if you start sending a large amount of emails and depending on who you use for your email. Some users who have tried switching to their own mail server have switch back to MagManager because of this. 

Also the emails would be sent out from a single email account on your mail server and not from each individual user's email account. EG they would be sent from and not from the user and


NOTE: If you decide to use your own mailserver any replies from your clients to emails sent from MagManager will only go to your email inbox.  They will not appear on the client timeline and there will be no entry in notifications either.

If it's something you'd like to set up, contact support and it can be switched on for you.

To set up the SMTP configuration you would need to add the following information to your System Default Settings in MagManager:
Server name
Email display name
Email address from
Username for email server
Secure setting Yes or No


Trouble Shooting

Q - I have got all the SMTP settings sorted now and I sent a test message which came through fine, except...

In the system settings field for Email Display Name I had entered My Magazine Name, as this is how I want our marketing emails to appear in client's inboxes, however looking at this test message the email display name in the From line is My First Name. How do I change that to My Magazine Name?


A - MagManager allows you to set up a display name, but a lot of email providers force you to use the one you setup when you created your account with them - this is to stop emails appearing from someone else. For example - if I was to change your display name to John Smith you would be sending emails that looked like they were from him but actually coming from your email address.

So whilst we have the display setting there, it's almost certainly being overriden by your email provider.

To fix it you will need to login to your account with your email provider and add a display name there.




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