Creating Invoices

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Before You Start Invoicing

Before you start invoicing, please contact us with the invoice number of the next invoice to be raised, and we will set up MagManager to start at this number.

When you create an invoice, MagManager will generate a pdf file for the invoice. So before you start invoicing for the first time, you will want to check that your invoice template, and also the invoicing email template, are as you want them. You can do this by going to Settings and clicking on "Document Templates" in the Admin section. Notes on setting these up can be found here: Document Templates.

In MagManager, you can create invoices for an individual client from the client screen.  You can also individual invoices or batch invoices from the invoicing screen.



Creating Single Invoices

1. Select a client, and go to the client Financial tab.

2. Click on Create Invoice, and tick the bookings you wish to invoice

3. Click "Create and invoice for (2) Bookings Now"

4. You can now see the invoices you have created under the Invoices tab (again found under Financial tab).
When you click on the magnifying glass to the left, you will have the opportunity to print or email the invoice, or to cancel the invoice. You can also edit the invoice using the edit button to the right of the amount.

Creating a Batch of Invoices

1. Go to Invoicing, and choose the To Invoice tab.

2. Select the publications and issue you want to invoice for. 
(Note- selecting all publications at this stage will ensure that a client advertising in more than one publication will receive just one invoice).

You will see a list of all the relevant bookings which haven’t yet been invoiced. If you don’t want to raise all the invoices, you have the option to unselect some of them.  

3. Click the green “Create invoices” button when you are ready. You may have to wait a while for the pdf files to be generated.

4. Your newly generated invoices can be found by going to the Invoiced tab, and selecting the Invoices by Date tab.

On the left of the page you need to select the current month (or the month in which you raised the invoices) under ‘Invoiced In.’

To see the most recent invoices, click on the sort icon next to the Invoice No column. 
To view an individual invoice, click on its magnifying glass icon. Clicking the blue Print Invoice button enables you to preview the invoice pdf. You can cancel an invoice with the red Cancel Invoice button.

5. Printing or Emailing Invoices

You need to check that you have set up the document templates for printing or invoicing emails in the Document Templates section of Settings.

To process all selected invoices, you can use the buttons at the top right.

There is a button to Email Invoices, and one to Print Invoices.

NOTE: If you want to process selected invoices, you will need to deselect all, and then select the desired ones.

TIP: it’s a good idea to check that you haven’t included old invoices that have already been processed.

If you wish to generate a single file containing all your invoices, you need enable this by switching on the option “Print Batch Invoices to One File”

(go to Settings System Defaults and find it under Site Defaults- remember to click Update).

Marking invoices as paid or part-paid in MagManager

NOTE: If you have MagManager linked to an accounts package, your invoices will automatically be marked as paid- see below.

First find the invoice for which you have received payment or part payment. 

You can search for the invoice on the Invoice screen or find it in the Financial tab of the client.

TIP: Clicking on the credit card icon next to a booking will take you to a “View Invoice” dialogue.

You will see a red cross in the Paid column for invoices that have not been paid. To register a payment or part-payment, click on the cross for the invoice you want.

You will now be prompted to enter details of the payment. By default, the full balance appears in the Amount box, but this can be overwritten.You can enter the payment type, date, and (optionally) a reference. Click Save to finish.

To add an additional payment to the same invoice, click on the green plus sign.

If you have entered a partial payment and a balance remains, a red cross will still show in the Paid column. When the balance is paid off in full, a green tick will be displayed.

Using MagManager with an accounts package

If you use Xero, KashFlow or QuickBooks, you can easily transfer your invoices to your accounting software with a single click. An invoiced marked as paid in your accounting software will automatically be marked as paid in MagManager, and you can also keep your client details synced. If you use Sage, you can export a csv file of your booking to import into Sage.

Linking MagManager to Xero

Linking MagManager to KashFlow

Linking MagManager to QuickBooks

Using MagManager with Sage

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