Creating Editorial Content Bookings

You may want to create editorial content for an existing client. In addition, you may want to create your own “content” material for your publication, such as an “Events” page. You can also create ad-hoc content bookings directly on the flat plan.

1. Booking editorial content for a client

To create a booking for non-advert content > Open the client record > Select the Bookings tab > Underneath select the Content tab.


Next, locate the issues and publications you wish to book and 'click to book' in the corresponding box > Click the green 'Add Content' button in the top right of the screen.

The booking list will open and you can now create artwork boxes for your content. This can be done by clicking the green 'New Content' button, or by duplicating (clicking on the + sign in the artwork box) or re-using existing artwork boxes.

Now drag down your artwork box(es) down to the issue(s) you are booking in the same way as you would for an advert.


NOTE: If new artwork is used in each issue, you must add a new artwork box onto every booking line.


2. Setting up regular in-house content

If you have regular content, such as an “editor’s page” that you have in every issue, you might like to create a client called “Editor’s Page”, and then make a “content” booking on this client. You could create an ongoing booking, so that the booking will appear in each issue.

This works especially well for pages that appear in the same place in your publication each issue, as when you duplicate the flat plan from a previous issue this will all be set up for you. 

The bookins would be added as described in part 1 above.

TIP: So that you can identify your own in-house content pages from other clients, you could make it obvious in the client title, for example by adding a prefix to the name "ZZ Editor's page", "ZZ What's On" etc.  ZZ keeps them to the bottom of the list when sorted A-Z.  You could also add a company flag to use as a filter when searching on the clients screen.


This video covers setting up the client



3. Creating content bookings directly from the flat plan


The advantage of this method is that it is quick to do. However, content created in this way won’t be duplicated to the next issue. 


You can quickly create content on the flat plan without needing it to be assigned to a client.

image001.jpgFrom the flat plan, locate the size you want on the left side-bar. Find the green “New content” (or "New advert") box and drag this onto the flat plan.

You will then be prompted to fill in details for the booking- including a name for the page. You can also assign it to one of your users.



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